Shelley Karpel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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Access to Achieve, LLC owner Shelley Karpel will then conduct an Executive Function Evaluation. This is an in-depth assessment of the child's Executive Function strengths and weaknesses, the entry point for all of our services. A targeted coaching plan will be developed based upon the results and the individual client needs.  Parents will be involved in the process. They will provide copies of test results, reports, and other pertinent documents and fill out a Parent Questionnaire   I will conduct an interview with the child to personally assess the child's Executive Skill functioning. I may also request permission to speak with professionals involved with the family to gain further understanding of the child's situation.  Access to Achieve, LLC will then deliver a report including findings with recommendations for how to proceed and the plan for on-going services. A Findings Meeting will be held at the conclusion of the evaluation where all of this will be discussed. The family will meet the assigned coach at the Findings Meeting. 
  • develop and implement individualized Executive Function Skill strategies which leads to self sufficiency
  • help parents to understand the child's challenges and learn strategies to support the child
  • instruct parents to communicate confidently and effectively with school personnel
  • guide parents to navigate the complex school system (Response to Intervention, 504 Plan, IEP)
  • advise parents on how to be a case manager and advocate for their child
  • support parents to help the child academically
  • empower the child to be his/her own advocate
Helping children, adolescents and young adults who have ADHD achieve their potential through Executive Function Skills Coaching while supporting their parents in the process.

We offer a full range of classes that foster your child’s individual growth.

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Introductory Meeting

On-Going Services may include: 

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 Case Management to...
Access to Achieve, LLC  owner Shelley Karpel attends the Introductory Meeting. This is a 1-2 hour initial meeting that is held in the client's home.  It is the first step in learning about Access to Achieve and Executive Function Coaching, while getting to know each other and beginning to establish a trusting relationship. Parents have the opportunity to share their dreams and goals for their child, and talk in-depth about their current situation. We will discuss concerns about their child's Executive Function Skills, the impact on school and home and about social emotional issues. A time to talk with the child about his or her perception of the challenges and to answer questions will be a part of the process. A good fit between the family and Access to Achieve, LLC professionals are essential for a positive outcome.  We explain what we can do to help and then discuss how best to proceed.
Executive Function Evaluation
  • facilitate the process for needed services with school personnel for the child to get what he/she needs (Response to Intervention, 504 Plan, IEP)
  • collaborate with parents and school personnel, in an effort to strengthen the home-school connection/relationship
  • facilitate the process for needed services with involved professionals for the child to get what he/she needs
  • collaborate with parents and professionals to support the development of that relationship
  • refer to other professionals for further evaluation or additional services

Access to Achieve, LLC bills all case related time on an hourly basis.