Shelley Karpel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Serving Boulder, Colorado and the North Denver Metro area
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Access to Achieve,llc

Helping children, adolescents and young adults with ADHD achieve their potential through Executive Function Skill Coaching while supporting parents in the process.

We offer a full range of classes that foster your child’s individual growth.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every avenue of a child's life is an opportunity to achieve, and that a variety of actions need to be employed to reach these goals. We believe that coaching can help students develop Executive Function skills and compensation strategies. "Executive function is a neuropsychological concept referring to the high-level cognitive processes required to plan and direct activities"(Peg Dawson and Richard Guare 2010).  We accomplish this through a holistic coaching approach. 

We consider parents to be the most important and influential people in their child’s life. We support them through what can be a difficult journey in seeking the help for the child, based upon their age. We empower them to be active partners and overseers in the overarching process which increases their child’s ability to lead a full and productive life. We believe that the best approach to working with the child is in the home environment because that is where the child functions on a daily basis. Coaching for college students is held in a mutually agreed upon location.

We use a highly individualized approach to coaching to develop specific strategies that work for that child. To receive optimal benefits from our services we establish a positive climate for everyone involved to work together in a collaborative partnership and take active roles in the process towards a common goal for the child.