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Shelley Karpel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Serving Boulder, Colorado and the North Denver Metro area

Hiring ADHD Executive Function Coaches

To work in the Boulder, CO metro area.

This is both a creative and rewarding opportunity for an experienced teacher or a therapist with teaching experience and background. This is a part time job and hours are mostly after school.  It is a good position for teachers or therapists that want a second job, want to work additional hours or for someone that doesn’t want to work full time.

Job Description

As a member of our team of professionals, you’ll be providing Executive Function Coaching to children, teens and young adults with ADHD and provide guidance to their parents. These skills are the management and problem solving skills that are essential for achievement. They also tend to be overlooked as a cause for the lack of success for kids in school!  Coaches use the student’s school work and their home life to develop personalized strategies, in the home environment. You will be going to the student’s home to meet for generally one hour per week.  The majority of time will be spent working with the student, with a time for summary at the end of the session with the parent. 

Our coaches learn the methodology through training and on-going supervision.  You’ll learn how to use your skills and experience in new and different ways and then integrate it all to help struggling kids to improve success in school and life as a whole.  You’ll be a contributing member to the coaching team that meets regularly.  Let’s make a difference together.

“Coaching allows me to give the support to my students individually without the pressure of being in a classroom. I love being able to be a partner in helping them find success through Executive Function skills and strategies.” Amy, Access to Achieve Coach

Qualifications and Skills Profile

Licensed Teacher with experience or Licensed Therapist with teaching experience and/or background

Knowledge of and experience with ADHD

Ability to teach study skills, note taking and organization of writing

Desire to learn about Executive Function and how to help students with these weaknesses

Desire to learn new skills and use current skills in a new way

Ability to work independently and desire to be part of a team

Desire for feedback and supervision

Creative and “out of the box” thinker


Strong people and communication skills

Ability to relate well to kids and adults

Ability to engage a parent as part of the student’s team

Passion for bettering kids lives

About this Company

Access to Achieve,LLC is a small, intimate business of dedicated and talented people.  We come together with the goal of helping struggling ADHD students and supporting and empowering their parents.  Shelley Karpel the owner, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She founded Access to Achieve after developing and successfully implementing Executive Function strategies for her son with ADHD. She passionately desired to help others who were having similar difficulties and started working with students and families. Shelley soon found that there was a great need for this service and in order to accommodate the many requests for help, she joined with other professionals to develop a team of Executive Function Coaches. She now shares this knowledge and methodology with these team members through on-going teaching and supervision. This talented team shares and learns from each other on a regular basis. 

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