Executive Function Coaches
Amy Mandlowitz,
M.B.A. Certified Professional Educator
with a Specialization in Gifted Education

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Catherine Brown,
M.S. of Education,
Certification in Special Education
Certified in Linguistic Remedies Reading Program

Laura has worked in education at BVSD for more than 10 years; for the past 8 years she has worked with students in gifted education. In her role as a Gifted Educational Advisor, she identified and assessed gifted students, developed course plans and taught these students in small groups.  She has been an advocate for students’ needs and routinely met with parents.  Along with working in the public school system, Laura has been a private tutor and has been trained in Linguistic Remedies, a program for students with reading disabilities. She truly loves being able to work with students one-on-one, to help them thrive academically and watch them grow emotionally. With Laura’s kind, nurturing, positive attitude, and sense of humor, she has the ability to work with students to find their strengths and to help them succeed. ​ 

Amy has been a coach with Access to Achieve since 2013. “Coaching allows me to give the support to my students individually without the pressure of being in a classroom. I love being able to be a partner in helping them find success through Executive Function skills and strategies.” She has worked in education for almost twenty years in both public and private schools.  As an elementary teacher specializing in instruction for the gifted and talented, Amy developed an expertise in supporting the asynchronous development of the twice-exceptional child. Her warm caring nature allowed students to feel safe taking risks, both academically and emotionally.  She encourages students' explorations of their own learning styles in determining instructional strategy.  She is also the parent of a twice-exceptional daughter. 
Helping children, adolescents and young adults with ADHD achieve their potential through Executive Function Skill Coaching while supporting parents in the process.

Donna has enjoyed working with students at all levels for over 30 years as both a General Education and Special Education teacher, having most recently retired from BVSD after teaching at the middle school and high school level for fourteen years.  She also brings a depth of experience that includes private tutoring, working with dyslexic students using Orton-Gillingham based approaches and has a background in outdoor education as well.  Donna loves discovering how individual students learn best and then helping them to be successful in their endeavors.  She also is a parent of a twice-exceptional son.

Aryn Miller,
M.A. in Special Education
Licensed in Special Education

Shelley has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over 30 years. She founded Access to Achieve after developing and successfully implementing Executive Function strategies for her son with ADHD.  She worked through the school system, in a constructive manner, to get his needs met.  She also coordinated with other professionals who were involved. Shelley deeply understood these struggles from a personal perspective and had used her professional expertise to help her son.  She passionately desired to help others and started working with students and families as an Executive Function Coach and Case Manager.  During that time she built skills and implemented personalized compensation strategies for students at school and at home. She worked with parents to support their children's challenges. Shelley soon found that there was a great need for this service and in order to accommodate the many requests for help, she joined with other professionals to develop a team of Executive Function Coaches. She now shares this knowledge and methodology with these team members through on-going teaching and supervision. She speaks on Executive Function topics.
Donna DeLellis,
M.A. in Special Education

Licensed in Special Education

B.S. Elementary Education

Laura DeAngelis,
B.A. Elementary Education
Certified Professional Educator with a Specialization in Gifted Education
Certified in Linguistic Remedies Reading Program


Shelley Karpel,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Shelley Karpel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Serving Boulder, Colorado and the North Denver Metro area

Catherine brings a unique combination of skills which evolved from a desire to help her own twice-exceptional, ADHD child become an independent thriving adult. This evolution took her from a career in interior design to a career in Special Education. Catherine worked primarily at the middle school level for 9 years as a Special Education teacher in BVSD. Most recently she completed a practicum under the direction of Dr. Barbara Wise in Linguistic Remedies and works with dyslexic children privately. What Catherine loves the most about working one-on-one is the ability to individualize educational and organizational strategies for greater success.

Aryn is excited to be a part of Access to Achieve. She retired after 31 years of teaching full time in the public school system as a Special Education teacher. She likes this Executive Function coaching model because it allows for individual time to address student’s specific needs on a consistent basis. Building skills and strategies for students in order to build their joy and confidence with learning and in themselves as lifelong learners is a focal point of her professional endeavors. Aryn loves investing in her students and watching their changes and growth as they develop and learn. Aryn is not a Colorado native but, as the bumper sticker says, got here as soon as she could. Seeing the mountains every day still feels like a surprise and a privilege to her! She lives in Longmont with her husband, who is also still a surprise and privilege in her life.

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